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Yankees vs Orioles Live : League-wide 2019 MLB Opening Day is Thursday and starts at Yankee Stadium at 1:05 p.m. ET the New York Yankees host the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees won 100 games last year and return one of the Yankees vs Orioles most formidable lineups in the league, led by Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Before laying any Yankees vs. Orioles picks of your own.

The bullpen was the clear weakness on this team heading into the season and even if these last few games have had a different outcome, there was a legitimate case to be made that Theo Epstein’s front office should’ve added another quality reliever or two to this group, even if it wasn’t Kimbrel.

The good news is: It’s pretty safe to say there’s no way this will continue forever. Every team has a stretch of bad bullpen meltdowns during the course of every season. It’s highly unlikely guys like Strop, Cishek and the others are going to continue to struggle to this level when they have long track records of success. Mike Montgomery won’t have a 40.50 ERA forever.

But when there’s less than a week’s worth of action to judge a season on, the problem is certainly magnified.

Throw in the fact that this problem was the biggest concern all winter plus all the comments from players, coaches and front office members about the need for a hot start, and it’s the perfect equation to send Cubs fans into an angry frenzy.nly one team will win this year’s World Series, but many more will be happy with the season to come. Teams will surprise themselves, build toward something bigger or find joy in events that are not directly followed by a huge municipal parade.

But each team’s idea of success will be different. We now set out to define what a happy season could look like for each major league team. We use as our guide the wisdom of the long-dead British philosopher Jeremy Bentham, who wrote, “Nature has placed [baseball fans] under the governance of two sovereign masters: pain and pleasure.” The whole of human emotion, with all its nuances and gradations, can fit under these two umbrellas. So it is with 30 teams: Success can be defined by pleasures gained, as it can by pains avoided.

What follow are the success floors for all 30 teams. Each team gets two paths to happiness: One is on the pleasure scale, related to an accomplishment achieved. The other is on the pain scale, related to a sadness avoided.The Red Sox just had the perfect season, maybe the most enjoyable, drama-free, unblemished season this torture sport has ever allowed. Sure, it’d be fun to somehow top it, but a team that can’t be satisfied with 108 happy wins and a happy romp through the postseason is chaining itself to the hedonic treadmill. The Red Sox will almost certainly be worse this year. They will probably not even win the World Series. They will be OK with that. After eating 10 cupcakes, the 11th has very little marginal value, as far as the sugar rush goes.Things are off to a bad start for Boston this year, with one win in their first six games (entering Wednesday) as the starting pitching has not been good and the offense has gone MIA over the last couple games. There’s too much talent for things not to turn around, but some reinforcements will almost surely be needed.

The Red Sox current lineup is filled with home-grown talent, with Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Rafael Devers fronting a core group that has won three straight AL East titles. Prospects that have come through the pipeline have been used to acquire Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, Nathan Eovaldi and reigning World Series MVP Steve Pearce.

Some of Boston’s top prospects this year could be used as trade fodder, and there’s a place for that. But a better mode would be to use major league-ready prospects as their own reinforcements, in cases of injury, underachievement or a simple need to upgrade.

As the Red Sox try to defend division, American League and World Series titles in 2019, these five prospects can help.Shawaryn was fifth-round pick in 2016 out of the University of Maryland. Between two levels last year he had a 3.44 ERA with an 8.0 K/9 and a 2.3 BB/9 over 26 appearances (25 starts, 149.1 innings). He followed that up with a good showing in the Arizona Fall League (2.13 ERA, 10.7 K.9 over 12.2 innings).

Shawaryn is Boston’s No. 9 prospect entering this season, according to MLB.com, and he’s closer to the big leagues than the pitchers ranked above him (Jay Groome, Bryan Mata, Tanner Houck). If the Red Sox look to Pawtucket for a pitcher, Shawaryn will be worthy of consideration.The White Sox will pick third overall in the 2019 MLB Draft this summer, but they’re a little lower on the list when it comes to how much they’ll be allowed to spend on draft picks. MLB released its signing bonus pool allotments for all 30 clubs on Wednesday, and the White Sox come in fifth at $11.565 million.

Bonus pools determine how much each MLB team can spend on signing draft picks before being penalized. Teams that exceed their pool limit by 0-5 percent pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. However, the penalties quickly get much steeper, including the potential loss of future picks. No team has ever outspent its pool allotment by more than five percent.

The Diamondbacks have the highest draft pool allotment at a bit over $16 million. The Orioles ($13.821 million), Royals ($13.108 million) and Marlins ($13.045 million) round out the top five with the Sox.

For the third overall pick, the Sox will be able to spend up to $7.22 million. Since the start of the bonus pool system in 2012, no player has signed for more than 2018 first overall pick Casey Mize, who received $7.5 million from the Tigers.

The Red Sox have the lowest bonus pool allotment at $4.788 million. The Cubs are 26th with a bonus pool allotment of $5.826 million.